Anniversaries and birthdays are, of course, joyous and nostalgic occasions. There are so many choices to be made in planning your celebration…

The menu, flowers and decorations should reflect the overall “feel” of the day’s events.

Will there be a theme? What is the one element that can pull everything together? The music!

Every party has a beginning, a middle, and unfortunately, an end. Your guests should be invited into a reception by music that is lively but never overpowering. Perhaps a pianist or violinist… Your guest of honor’s entrance can be “grand” or fun.
There may be a special “first dance” selection, old or new. These are the times to renew friendships and visit with family. Dinner music should never compete with your guests’ conversations. The dancing should be both romantic and fun… Something for everyone. A dance floor filled with happy people is the sure sign of a great party.

Tom LaMark Orchestras will work with you to guarantee your guests a most memorable time.

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